General news from the blue economy – Entering into the 6th wave of kondratief.

We live in a world that changes every day. Not only are new technologies emerging every day that affect our lives, but the world’s population is growing and not our earth. Major changes can be expected in our energy, water and eating system (Food, Energy, Water Nexis). Our society, and we as individuals, have to deal with that. Our adaptive capacity will have to remain large.

In the meantime, we are overloaded with an abundance of information. That is why TBE6W filters the news every day and selects the most interesting pieces.

These pieces written in both Dutch and English are mainly about sustainability, health, nutrition, inspiration and innovation. The items are selected by Wouter de Heij. And original postings are also published on www.wouterdeheij.com, food4innovations.blog, softpaleo.blog, and other websites.

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