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The food chain and nutrition and health are among the most complex topics in the world. As with any subject, you can think “is this all” at the first meeting. But as you delve deeper into the matter, you only discover how complex everything is connected.

The food chain is about everything from seed, fertilizer and farming, to food processing in factories and retail. Transport, trade, use of fossil fuel and politics, it is all part of the food chain. And don’t forget landdevelopment!

Nutrition and health also seem a simple theme. You eat too much and you get fat, but we need energy. But then you find out that we need nutritional value. And that it is not about healthy or unhealthy products, but about a healthy diet.

All of these topics are knowledge intensive. This website attempts to provide an information base for anyone interested in science, knowledge and innovation. Wouter de Heij adds daily information, writes opinion-forming blogs, and views and shares youtubes. RSS news feeds are combined and can be viewed via the menu items above.



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