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Food & Health – use the #softpaleo approach to have a vital life.

A search for true Food & Health scientific insights, enriched with personal opinions about how to achieve an optimal lifestyle. After more than a decade of investigations and research I came to the conclusion that softpaleo is probably the best diet possible.

Softpaleo diet includes a lot of plant-based products, limited amount of potatoes, minimal (no?!) amount of grain based products like bread and pasta. Proteins (fish, meat and meat-replacers) are perfect (1-1,2 gram per kg bodyweight), while dairy consumption should be restricted to a few portions a week. More information can be found on this page (in Dutch). or on this page (translated into English).

The Youtube channel of “Softpaleo – insights to achieve an optimal health

Take a look at the BMJ Food for thought congress (Swiss Re Institute) presentations as well.

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